15 January 2012

new things

I was getting picked up this weekend instead of driving myself, so I was in a hurry packing and forgot my shampoo and conditioner. It was about time I bought something new, anyways, so I popped out to Shoppers and ended up with the L'oreal Elvive Nutri-Shimmer shampoo and conditioner. I then (of course) slid over to look at polish and came out with Essie's Miami Nice. This is my first ever Essie polish, and I am so happy with my colour choice. I never want to take it off!

I didn't bring my camera, either, so these are just quick Photobooth photos. I couldn't wait to share my excitement about Miami Nice!

P.S. I'm also pretty excited about my new hoodie - Doctor Who/Scott Pilgrim cross-over <3

This second photo is a pretty accurate representation of the colour in the bottle, I think. It's a deep, hot pink with cool shine. It almost looks blue and purple in some light. I have had Zoya's Kiki in my mind when I was picking out a colour. I love Kiki so much, but it doesn't sell in stores where I live and the site doesn't ship outside of the states. I know this is not really close to Kiki, but it still made me really happy. I'm obsessed with pink. I think the fact that the shampoo bottles are pink contributed to my purchasing them. ;)

I liked the shampoo and conditioner together today when I washed my hair. It has a nice scent and hasn't made my hair feel heavy or greasy at all, though it's only the first day I've used it. I was surprised it was so expensive ($12 per bottle!), but they were on sale for $7 each. I've used the L'oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Hair Mask before (same range of hair products, there are different ones for different types of hair/problems) and I really liked it. I think L'oreal hair products are worth looking into if you're looking for something to try out!

Do you ever buy things strictly because you like the style or colour of the packaging?

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