24 January 2012


I went to my Zumba class last night and I usually try to get out of the mall ASAP because I always end up buying something. This week I justified my purchases by saying it was my birthday gift to myself ;)

♡ Bras on sale for $9.99 at La Senza!
♡ Mesh skirt at Smart Set for $10
♡ Beaded top at Smart Set for $12
♡ Tights at Smart Set for $5
♡ Dress at H&M for $10 

Smart Set is always my favourite place to shop. They always have a sale section with pink price stickers and it's usually 50% off the pink price. I can usually walk away spending less than $100 and have multiple outfits. 
I debated for a few minutes bothering with the dress from H&M and I'm SO glad I caved. It was the only one left and I wasn't sure about the size because the arm holes looked huge on the hanger and they were closing soon so I couldn't try it on. Last time I left a dress and went back, it was gone. I love this! It even has pockets. 
I'm sorry I still haven't gotten used to taking outfit photos or whatever. Awkward pose is awkward.

The pattern of the tights! I'll see how well these hold up because I have really freaky big big toes that are longer than the rest. I always end up with holes in the feet of my tights and I've even ruined a couple of pairs of Vans with my cursed toes. If these are good tights, I'll be buying more!

Anyways, not too bad of a haul. I saw other things I wanted but didn't bother with at the time. Sometimes I see things and if I leave without them and they stay on my mind, I'll know I really wanted them and I'll go back. I hate to buy things on the fly and never wear/use them.

This is the mesh skirt. I bought it on impulse because I love this kind of thing, but now I can't decide what to wear with it. Plain black top? Or does grey/pink/black work? I tried with the grey tights but I don't like the way the pattern on the tights and the skirt go together. 

Suggestions? :)

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