06 January 2012

Avon haul!

I ordered a bunch of stuff from my neighbourhood Avon lady - my mother! And she even threw in a couple of freebies for me to try out, which is lovely.

Avon Ideal Flawless liquid foundation.
I have been using the Healthy Makeup liquid foundation from Avon for a couple years now and only ordered this because the have since stopped selling the one I usually buy. I did some research before ordering and I think it's the exact same formula, just in a different bottle and with a new name. 
The colour I bought - light ivory, the lightest one - is the exact same name and colour of my other bottle. The rest of the colours have the same names, too. I was a little weirded out that they revamped everything without any real notice, because I was afraid my go-to foundation was non-existent and it scared me! I've tried numerous other drugstore brands and none of them are like this one. It has light coverage, makes my face feel silky smooth, and even has subtle shine and shimmer to it. It gives me this dewy glow and it blends so easily! This new version has a pump, which is an improvement from the Healthy Makeup one. The other one also only had SPF 10, whereas Ideal Flawless has SPF 15. 
I would probably recommend this to anyone who doesn't have a lot of redness or flaws to cover up. The coverage is light and natural; it's not meant to be heavy-duty. I have normal skin and nothing serious I need to cover up, and I don't use concealer. It's inexpensive ($9-$15 depending on the catalogue, and sometimes there are BOGO sales or buy one/get one half price), and there is a pretty decent range of colours to choose.

Mark Lipclick in Bare Hug.
I have been looking at these "lipclicks" for about a year in the Mark catalogues. The models in the pictures were always wearing a bright red called Cha Cha and I always thought it was really pretty. But this was before I was really into lipstick and I thought it would be a waste to buy it because I would never use it. I finally gave in and bought the nude shade of the bunch, Bare Hug. 
Lipclicks replaced the Mark Dew Drenched lip colours, if anyone remembers those. They were like mini lipsticks, super moisturizing and with cute little tubes. All of the Lipclick colours are different and the tubes are a bit bigger now, with a magnetic lid that clicks when you close it. I would say it's about the same size as your standard Revlon lipstick, but I might not be spot on with that estimation. 
The colour is hard to capture. I think it looks more orange/brown in the tube and I was worried it would be a bad nude for me, but it isn't orange on lips or in photos at all. It almost looks peachy in some of these. I'm glad I went with this and not a red or pink, because I usually choose reds and corals and I typically overlook pinks. And after my mishap with Revlon's Nude Attitude, I'm glad to have a wearable nude lipstick. 
The formula is pretty good for a little $10 lipstick. It's fully opaque in a couple swipes, though it doesn't have too much staying power - I think I wore it for maybe an hour pretty recklessly before it really faded. It does fade forgivingly, though. No feathering or awkward mouth rings or settling in the lines of my lips. I found it to be fairly moisturizing, so no complaints as far as that goes! It doesn't appear to have a scent, though I did notice some "minty" tingling after I first put it on.
I think this is something I will be using a lot! 

^ Wearing Ideal Flawless foundation and Bare Hug. 

Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum.
I bought two of these. I go through them like crazy.. it's just a serum that gives you shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair! I put it on my ends after I shower (it helps me comb through my hair, which is curly and tangly sometimes) and after my style my hair when it's dry to tame frizzies and fly-aways.

Nail Experts Silk Wrap Treatment. 
This was pretty cheap ($4), so I thought I'd give it a try. It's supposed to help with peeling and weak nails. More on this when I get to give it a try.

Anew Rejuvenate Gel Cleanser & Advance Techniques Leave-In Treatment.
These were my free gifts to try out. I'm looking forward to trying to Damage Repair!

Does anyone else have a favourite Avon product?

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