15 June 2019

the elusive Tarte custom beauty kit

Tarte does this promotion 1-2 times each year, where you can customize a makeup bag with products and shades of your choosing, and it's always a super great deal. I have found many "holy grail" products this way where I otherwise would never have looked to the brand for something specific. It's usually 1 makeup bag + 6 items for $84CAD. I bought one in November of 2017, discovering the Amazonian Clay loose powder foundation is my absolute favourite non-liquid base and I use the bag I received for travel ALL THE TIME. I also use the duo brush every single day. For those items alone, it's worth it.

This is the one I received a couple years ago, so you can get an idea. Each item usually is vaguely grouped into categories when you're selecting your products, so most people end up with a mascara, a face product, a brush, etc.

This time when the promotion came around again, I fell for it! I didn't need anything, but it's such a good price for what you get.

Here are my June 2019 choices:

The hard-to-identify items are a setting powder and a white gel liner pot. 
The first thing I noticed is that .. yeah, I'm missing an item. I chose a colour splash lipstick and it wasn't there at all. But here's the good news - I sent an email at 0700 this morning and got an answer within a couple hours. They didn't ask any questions and immediately sent me a new tracking link and said they sent out a replacement lipstick. I'm floored! My original package also came to Canada in exactly 1 week from ordering it.

Keep your eyes peeled for these deals, they usually have one in the spring and one in the fall. It's a great way to try a new brand or stock up on old favourites.

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