05 December 2018

Brand highlight: Too Faced

I've decided to do a couple of brand highlights, to mention my favourite products that I have in my collection. I wanted to start with Too Faced because it's a brand I actually haven't used very much and my Chocolate Bar palette is one of my oldest and first mid-range brands besides Urban Decay. I want to focus on a "panning" project now and into 2019, focusing on this palette and a couple of others!

Chocolate Bar - purchased November 2014. I bought this prior to the brand adding the names of the shades directly on the palette, as you can see from the photo! I had a few regrets with this purchase. It was so highly recommended as THE staple neutral palette that is SO versatile, and I just didn't care for it. I love the scent and formula and some of the colours, but others are muddy or look the same once applied. There isn't a lot of variation in the tones of each brown. The highlights of this palette are the most basic shades, in my opinion. I can use Marzipan, Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate, and Semi-Sweet for a really simple and neutral look. I have to get a bit more creative to feel motivated to use the rest of the shades. I want to pan the shades I listed, as well as the two larger shades (White Chocolate as a primer setter, and Champagne Truffle as a highlight). We'll see how it goes!

Sweet Peach - purchased December 2016. I had by-passed this product release completely earlier in 2016, and it was regarded quite highly and always sought after! I decided when they released it again with the other Peach collection items that I would try it. It has a peach candy scent and I think the shades have a greater variety than the Chocolate Bar palette. I appreciate the warm and cool matte browns, and the shade Luscious is CREAMY AS HELL and looks wet and gorgeous with any look. I will probably hit pan on the lighter shades first, like White Peach, Peaches n' Cream, Nectar, Georgia, and Luscious.

Chocolate Bon Bons - purchased THIS WEEK at Winners! I remember having this on a wishlist a few years ago and always looking up swatches and reviews. I always managed to convince myself I didn't need it, and I probably still didn't. I always thought to myself it would be a waste because I didn't love my original Chocolate palette. but I've been using this all week and I'm so deeply in love with it. It was another one where they had a good mix of warm and cool matte transition shades. Cafe au Lait is my "Luscious" of this palette, a gorgeous silver/taupe creamy shimmer shade! The pinks are a nice touch. I'm glad I decided to finally give this one a try and I'm going to focus on using it for a while with my other TF palettes.

Natural Matte - purchased summer 2018 at Winners. It was a huge impulse purchase and it was not a necessity for me, as I already own the KVD Shade and Light eye palette which has me covered for all the matte shades I could ever ask for. I know a lot of people like this one, and I figured I could take it for travel/touch-ups because the tin is fairly sturdy and its easy to make neutral and simple looks. The palette was re-released this year with an updated look, and I think the shades are slightly different, too.

Melted - I have a mini size Nude from the original line of Melted lip products, which is great for work/every day. I picked up Metallic Candy Bar from the Chocolate line, which isn't very opaque and really doesn't change the colour of my lips. It's more like a shimmery gloss. I like these products with the squeeze tube and fuzzy slanted applicator. The scents are nice, they fade gracefully, they're easy to apply.

Cocoa Powder Foundation - I think this product is discontinued now, which is really unfortunate, as I like it quite a lot. I'm going to use it up and continue to use my Tarte Amazonian Airbrush powder foundation after. Like so many of Too Faced's products, this one has a chocolatey scent.

What's your favourite Too Faced product?

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