28 December 2013

another blog post before 2014

..sorry they are so few and far between! I thought I would want to blog more lately (not in school full time the last semester, new city so less friends/commitments as before I moved, etc). It will sound like another empty promise if I just say I plan to do more with this, so I won't say anything anyone will try and hold me to. I want to, I really do. I will try. I might just make it more general than "here are some photos and reviews of products," because I don't buy nearly as frequently as other bloggers do. I want to talk beauty and fashion and music because that is my jam.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Christmas! What kind of goodies did you get? I'm over the moon, deliriously happy with my Naked 3 palette, it's easily one of my favourite gifts. Do you have it, and what do you think?

1. Christmas Eve getup. You can never have too much pink. 
2. Boy chose acid pink Docs for my gift! They are never coming off.
3. Naked 3.
4. I have wanted a navy blazer with gold buttons forever. Dreams came true boxing week shopping. 

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