12 September 2013

Baby's First Video

Okay, it's not beauty-related. But I made a Youtube video! I get so nervous and self conscious, I fancy myself a writer and I'm NOT usually one for public speaking. But I was pretty passionate about saying a few things about judging other peoples' looks and style, so I did my little piece. It's long, so you don't really have to watch it. I kind of just ramble about how I'm sick and tired of people putting people down and talking behind their backs about their faces, bodies, styles, and choices. Some things people cannot change. Some things, people do just because they LOVE it and it's THEIR lives. I am trying so hard not to see someone wearing something I wouldn't and make a comment under my breath or to my friends about "that ugly shirt" or "that isn't appropriate for her body type." I just don't care anymore. I think people should be happy and confident in their skin, and I have no right to stomp all over them when they walk into a room feelin' FINE about their outfit for the day. Just.. stop yourselves! It's hard at first, but then you feel much less like a giant jerkbutt and you find a new appreciation for people with different styles than your own.

Let me know in the comments what you thought - if you take the time!

PS. I'll probably be blogging more. I shirked some responsibilities and I'm not back in school full time again until January. Woohoo! 

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