08 December 2011


And it has lived up to all my expectations. I love it. I want more! I have become a monster that hoards all things Revlon and of the lip butter variety.

I bought Candy Apple because it was one of the first ones I saw and liked, and I had an event I was attended that suggested "wearing a bright lip," so why not? It's a really pretty orange-red colour, and can be built up. You can wear this as cheer or as close to opaque as you'd like, which makes it really versatile for the brighter and darker colours. I found it to be even a little bit staining, which I don't mind for reds. When it starts to fade and you feel like you need to apply more, you don't look so horrible because your lips are still a tiny bit red.

It doesn't feel dry on my lips and it's easy to apply. I seriously love the formula and I want to try some more of these. They are $7.49 at the Walmart in my city.

Next, I decided to indulge and buy myself one new OPI polish. I never, EVER buy OPI because it is so expensive and hard to find. I can't justify $10-12 on one polish. But I have been lusting over Excuse Moi! from the Muppet Collection for a while now and decided to just go for it. No complaints on the colour AT ALL: it's perfect. I am so in love with the glitter. I notice the green and silver bits the most and it makes it so unique. My problem is the formula. I tried it twice. The first time was with base coat, two coats, and no topcoat. It chipped on the very tips of my nails maybe the second day. I fixed up little spots over the course of that week because I loved it so much and didn't want to take it off yet. The second time, I tried base coat, two coats, and a topcoat. It chipped just hours after I did it and the second day, it peeled off in chunks off my nails! I seriously wanted to cry. I paid so much for a polish I love that won't even stay on. I read some more reviews on blogs and stuff and everybody has said they noticed it chips easier with the glitter. I wish I could find a miracle product that will make this stay for at least five days!

After the second time it came off, I decided to just go with glitterless polish. I picked out Revlon Blackberry, and let me tell you, this bottle is OLD. It think it has to be at least 14 years old. I remember stealing it from my mom when I lived in my old, old, old house. I looked it up and I guess this colour is still around. 

It is darker in real life and looks copper/brown/gold/dark red, depends on the lighting. It reminds me of Maybelline Autumn Leaves! 

What are your favourite lip butter colours? What is the last thing you bought that has disappointed you?


  1. The pigmentation of the lip butter is amazing, such a nice shade too!


  2. The lip colour is gorgeous, as is the nail varnish :)