10 December 2011

Christmas Sweet Celebration

My school had a formal Christmas party last night. In recent years, this annual celebration has been progressively getting worse, but I still had a good time. We used to pay a little and get a full course meal and they called it a banquet, but now they just have coffee and desserts. Boo.

The best part (for girls, anyways) is getting dressed up!
I wore my Revlon lip butter (see previous post), Wet N Wild Megaliner liquid eyeliner, and Ardell lashes (120 Demi Black).

1: Roommate and best friend, Amanda.
2: Friend and ex-co-worker, Kristyn.
3: My handsome future husband, Patrick!

I don't have any photos of my whole outfit, but it's a long sleeved, short black dress made of some sort of crushed velvet. It was seriously the ugliest and dated thing I'd ever seen on the hanger, but it looked good on! I wore red tights because the choir was singing at the party and our outfit had to be "black with red accents." Hoepfully more Facebook photos will surface over the next couple days. I was a bit rushed getting ready and didn't have time for many photos.

I threw an after-party at Patrick's house and brought a singer/songwriter friend to perform. A lot of people showed up, I was really surprised! We had the whole livingroom stuffed full and then various people just got up, like an open mic sort of thing. Then Patrick DJ'd and played his dubstep and we even had a strobe light.. unbelievable.

Gone to any Christmas parties yet?

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  1. It sounds like a lovely night- glad you had fun! I really like the look of your dress, and how natural your lashes look xxx