17 October 2017

Will I buy the Prism palette by ABH?

It's a question I keep asking myself as the palette has become available for Canadians on Sephora today.

I didn't find the colour story of Subculture appealing, so it was an easy "pass" for me. However, I'm more interested in Prism and at first glance, it looks very unique. I decided to search through my palettes and singles and see if I couldn't put together a little version of Prism myself. Perhaps my efforts will help someone else who is trying to budget or pan other palettes!

If you were to rotate the top, original palette clockwise, my swatches will be in that order; starting with Lucid.

Lucid - I used Shimma Shimma, a single from MUG. Lucid looks like a nice champagne shimmer, and I think most people have a shade like this somewhere in their collection.

Eden - I used Clementine from KVD's Pastel Goth palette. It looks orange or brown in my photo, but it's really almost spot on. A matte peachy shade leaning pink.

Unity - I used Bold from Tarte's Tarteist Pro palette. Unity appears to also be similar to MUG's Peach Smoothie and Kesi from Juvia's Magic palette. Likely another shade one could find easily.

Sphinx - I used Boronu from Juvia's Magic palette. I actually had a hard time finding a metallic copper exactly like Sphinx. I think something like MUG's Legend or Grandstand might be closer.

Osiris - I used Indigo from Lorac's Mega Pro 1. It's not even close, in pan in looks similar but it's really just a black with very limited purple shimmers. I don't have a good dupe for this.

Sphere - I used Star from KVD's Pastel Goth palette. It's basically the same thing.

Obsidian - I used Punk from Tarte's Tarteist Pro palette. Everyone owns a matte black, this isn't special.

Dimension - I used Yemoja from Juvia's Magic palette. It's similar enough, though perhaps more silver than purple.

Parallel - I used French Kiss from Colourpop's Yes Please palette. A matte brown like this is kind of unique, but most dark browns are easy to find. MUG's Cocoa Bear may also be close.

Pyramid - I used Butter Cake from Colourpop's Yes Please palette. It's lighter and more yellow, I have similar shimmery golds but most of mine are quite yellow. This one is potentially unique.

Throne - I actually layered two shades, Aja and Yara from Juvia's Magic palette. It's a very similar effect, but not perfect. I think this is a big hitter that is making many people fall for the palette.

Saturn - I used Zakiya from Juvia's Magic palette. I find this one to be fairly easy to dupe with all of the warm palettes on trend right now.

Eternal - I layered two shades, Louie and Chauffeur from Colourpop's Yes Please palette. I had a more challenging time with this one as well, even though it just appears as a shimmery copper.

Lure - I used Unexpected, a single from MUG. This matte grey-toned mauve has popped up a few times recently, I suspect Buon Fresco from Modern Renaissance would also work.

So what does this mean for me?

Sphinx, Pyramid, and Eternal and are coppery shimmer shades that vary only slightly in tone, and I don't have anything that resembles any of them. But they're probably not that special once applied in a look, so really to have 3 shades so similar is a bit of a waste.

Dimension and Osiris are purple based shimmer shades I don't have good dupes for.

Throne is fairly unique in the beauty world full of matte, warm palettes.

Everything else I can pretty much live without.

For really only "wanting" 4 shades in the whole palette, I'm better off to skip this one, I think!

Did you get the Prism or Subculture palettes? 

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