12 October 2017

SHEET MASK REVIEW! Secret Key's Nature Recipe Tea Tree


I've decided I'm going to be trying to review sheet masks that I am using for two main reasons:
1) so other people can read a review prior to trying one for themselves, and
2) so I have a catalog of reviews helping me to remember what ones I liked and didn't like.

I purchase sheet masks from just a couple of websites - roseroseshop on Ebay or beautynetkorea. I haven't tried many other websites because they are expensive or may not always ship to Canada. I also really like to try sheet masks from Winners and Marshalls since I can just walk in store and they always have different inventory, though most of them tend to be North American brands. I will specify where I found each mask when I write.

Why tea tree? As a skincare ingredient, most of us love it as an antiseptic agent for treating acne, and its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It tends to "calm down" redness and soothe the skin. 

I personally don't always choose tea tree for acne since it is not a skin problem for me, but if I use an exfoliating product or have a reaction to another product I might choose something calming and soothing like this. 

The fit of the mask is a bit wide and long, as some of the sheet rolls up along my hairline by my ears and some hangs a bit off my chin. Sometimes I really hate a mask that won't stick to my chin since it makes me usually just lay down for the duration of the masking. It sounds weird, but I don't like to sit up and "waste" some of the use of the mask if its not touching my skin! 

The essence is very watery and only lightly scented. If you've ever used CosRX Low pH Good Morning Gel cleanser, it smells nothing like that - that one is strong with the tea tree scent! If you're sensitive to smells, you're probably okay. 

I purchased this mask from beautynetkorea and I decided to buy it because I had heard good things about the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence. Now, I know these two products aren't the same thing, but sometimes if I know a brand has a star product or two, I'm more willing to try their other products. 

Overall, I was happy enough with this sheet mask. It had a nice essence that absorbed easily without any stickiness of film and its focus ingredient is one I need from time to time. I wouldn't go out of my way to find one, though. I didn't like the fit very much and found it annoying. 

I believe I have another Nature Recipe mask to try still! 

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