24 October 2017

DIY Pressing Loose Darling Girl Cosmetics' Pigments

I discovered Darling Girl Cosmetics earlier in the year and it is my first and only indie brand that I have bought from. I'm not really interested in fussing with loose pigments, but I had heard the most amazing things from dizzymakeupgirl and cutekittycosmetics that I had to make an order. I've tried numerous other DG products, from Glitter Glue to Pucker Paints. But her pigments keep me coming back for more! 

But the worst thing, to me, I already mentioned.. I'm not really a fan of loose shadows. So I solved that problem by pressing the shadows myself. 

I ordered several items from Truth Beauty Knowledge Trading to make sure I was ready to press. 
1. Binder
5. Scoops (I actually found toothpicks to be easier to mix and transport, as the eyeshadow goop gets stuck in the tiny scoops and it takes too long to clean each time).

I would recommend getting a dropper (I used a clean one from an empty skincare serum I already had) and you will also need Isopropyl Alcohol (most people already have this at home). I already had an empty magnetic palette from Colourpop to put the finished pressed shadows in - but there are options from Etsy creators, Z-palette, and Tarte. 

I peeked at a couple of tutorials/recipes from Indie Makeup Blog and Portrait of Mai and got down too business. Most of my shadows were roughly 1/4 tsp and I mixed them right in the pots with 2 drops binder, 1 drop preservative, and 10-12 drops of alcohol. 

Here are my babies! One shade I mixed with a sample baggie because the baggie wouldn't have had enough to press on its own. 

Have you ever pressed any loose shadows before?

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