30 June 2015

UK's Sleek i-Divine Palette in SUNSET

This is a product I've owned since January, but I haven't really talked about. I don't get to have Sleek products in Canada, so I order them on eBay. They're inexpensive (around $12CAD each), with great pigmentation and blendability. There are a lot of options for their palettes, in all sorts of colours and themes! I also own i-Candy and Vintage Romance.

The Sunset palettes is a range of "sky" colours, just like the name suggests - reds, oranges, yellows, blue, and pinks. There are a couple of shades I'm amazed with and it makes the palette worth it.

The swatches above are two swipes of a fingertip, without primer. 

The first is a bit chalky, like most black shades are. It could have been skipped, to be honest. A light purple would have fit well in this theme.

2 is a really pretty red that performs well.

Shades 3 and 8 are nearly identical, and I'm certain if this was a mistake in my palette or just how they're meant to be. 8 is slightly darker and more red than peach, but it's barely noticeable.

4, the orange, is a beauty. It's very pigmented, a near-neon colour, and looks really good with the blue shade, which is another of my favourites.

Shade 5 is a pretty generic yellow-gold. It's buttery-smooth, which is fitting for the colour!

7 is a little hard to describe, it's almost like a taupe and it's very shiny and easy to work with.

Shade 10 is the least pigmented and has a lot of extra fallout and glitter.

Shades 11 and 12 are really beautiful, a champagne and a pearly pink respectively.

I think there could have been more variety with the colour selection (2, 3, 8, 9, and 10 are all kind of in the same family and there isn't too much difference). I would have been happy with a white-based shade with golden shimmer, a couple of purples, and maybe a second shade of blue (to replace a couple of the red shades). Overall, though, I'm impressed.

Do you own anything from Sleek?

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