13 May 2015

Update - some bad news

I just graduated! I just moved! I just started a new job (albeit one that is unrelated to my education)! I just got robbed!

Wait, what?

Yeah, I messed up. I took photos for my SO's father's business a couple weekends ago, and left my camera bag in my truck overnight against my better judgment. I actually thought to myself, heh, should bring that in! I went for a run in the morning, and my truck door was open and the camera was gone. Luckily no windows were broken and nothing else of value was missing, but I'm really bummed and feel pretty violated that hundreds of photos of my friends and family were on there.

Until I can save up some money when I start working again next week, I am without a camera. And to be honest, it's pretty low on the list of priorities. I love blogging, but I'm so terribly inconsistent and now it's pointless without quality photographs. I will pick this up again in the near future!

Anyone ever had anything stolen before?

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  1. congratulations on the graduation though! X