11 August 2015

Preview of my latest Colourpop order

I still don't have a proper camera in order to show anyone quality swatches, so I'm not comfortable doing a complete post just yet. But I managed to take some OKAY pictures with my phone. And these products have me so excited that I just can't wait and need to throw something up here right now.

Top, L-R: Hope, Bravery
Bottom, L-R: Kindness, Strength


Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks that everyone and their dog flipped out over on the release in June.
L-R: Pacific, Donut, Tulle, Trap, Koala, Limbo 
Not photographed, but ordered: Highlighters in Smoke N' Whistles and Monster. Monster is gorgeous; it's almost like Hope. A cool-toned purple/pink shine. 

I already have another order picked out. I might go do that right now. 

Soon enough I'll have better quality photos! Until next time, look fresh! x

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