07 April 2015

Colourpop Lippie Stix!

I can't imagine how anyone decides what colours of lipsticks they will buy from Colourpop. There are so many, and they're so inexpensive, and I want them all. Please? 

I'm going to admit a terrible secret to you. I only went on Colourpop the first time because I wanted to try black lipstick without getting a nicer, more expensive brand. I had my eye on MUFE Rogue Artist Intense lipstick in shade 50, but I mean, how often will I wear it? How was I going to know I would like it? But for $5, I'd be stupid not to throw Bullchic into my virtual shopping cart. 

I feel like these four shades really capture what kind of lipsticks are in my collection. It's all weird purples and dark reds and MLBBs. I wanted to have a Colourpop version of my go-to shades: which is kind of dumb, I should be trying something new instead of hoarding the same, boring stuff. 

I really want more. I don't know how to stop myself. I'm going to need to be on a no-buy for a couple months because I'm graduating very soon, moving, and getting a big-girl job. Nooooooooooo.

Anyway, onto some swatches!

what the lipstick looks like. they have exact matches for lip liners, but I think the shape is really good for outling my lips and I use a brush to apply at the very edges, anyway 

I think I have worn this every day for the past month. perfect "every day," "worksafe" brown/pink
I think it's usually looks darker in person, it's harder to get a crisp edge
love it. and the name. ruffruff 
also very good. sorry my teeth are covered in lipstick at this point. this one is the most "sheer" and doesn't build up as easily

Creature seems to be the only one I have a hard time keeping moist and lip-skin-scab-free. On another day, I used NYX's Deep Purple liner with it and it looked pretty good. These are all matte shades, but Lumiere is really the only one that I feel dries to a true matte. The others seem to stay a bit satiny. I would usually try a bit harder to make my lines better if I was going out, and like I mentioned, I just use a lip brush (a BH cosmetics one from one of their brush sets). I didn't find them uncomfortable with application or wear, and they didn't stain my lips.

You really can't screw this up for $5.

Someday, I want to get Tootsie, Brills, Pony, Chi Chi, and Bunny!!!!

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  1. These look like great shades. I'm a nude lip wearer, so I'm loving the lumiere colour.