13 November 2014

The Season for Browns

I saw swatches from the MAC Matte collection and didn't really think anything of the colours. I thought Styled In Sepia would be nice in theory, but there was no way I'd pull it off. But then I kept seeing posts with it on /r/MakeupAddiction (my favourite subreddit of all time, I am on there commenting all day, every day) and I knew I had to make it mine before the collection disappeared. Luckily while I was at my local MAC store, I thought to grab the very last Artificially Wild blush in Taupe. As a pale girl with no real previous experience with contouring, I had heard positive things about this one. I use it every day - great purchase! Even if you missed it, I've also heard great things about NYX Taupe for other fair ladies like me! 

 Taupe is left and Styled In Sepia is right.

Yes, the last one is an Instagram one with filters, so it's not going to be entirely accurate. But I'm wearing both, so I thought I'd include it anyway. With flash, SIS looks a bit more grey, but not in a bad-dead-way. It's amazing and I love it. It doesn't get dry, and one night I went out and it lasted through some drinks.

How do you feel about browns?

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