15 September 2012

Avon's version of a hair product we all love

Avon's taken a stab at their own version of the ever-popular oil products for your hair. It's less than $15 and I have to admit, I am in love with it. I have used Moroccanoil (the brand of moroccan oil) and EVA's Keravis/Argan oil before, both which I really like. I have only been using this one for a couple days, but my hair looks and feels amazing. That's saying something, considering the first time I used it I accidentally poured A LOT into my hand and didn't want to waste it. I was so afraid my hair would be weighed down and greasy, but even when I used excess, it didn't do either of those things! 

I don't know much about what ingredients are good/better or what to look out for, but here's the list if anyone is curious. 

The packaging of this product is a bit different from some of Avon's others. This is my bottle of Dry Ends Serum, which is the same amount of product (60mL), but it has a slightly shorter bottle. The DES bottle is hard plastic, whereas the new oil is glass and quite a bit heavier.

My hair is a lovely mix of pink, yellow, white, and orange right now. I call it blonde, but whatever. Some days I am like, I love blonde! I look best blonde. I will stay this way for a long time. Then I see a picture with my pink hair and I want to dump my head into a bucket of Atomic Pink and never turn back. 
Anyways, see how shiny and soft it looks! :o)
I would definitely recommend Avon's Moroccan Argan oil product to a friend. It's an affordable alteranative to more expensive salon products. 

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