18 July 2012

Just Bitten, Brites

Here is the perfect lesson as to why we should all do our research about products before we buy them. There are reasons why we blog about beauty, am I right? 

I bought a Revlon Just Bitten stain/blam. And guess what? I loathe it. 
(sidenote, look at my freehand white tips! I'm awesome). 

I had a hard time picking out a colour. I wasn't sure how accurate the packaging colours were and I wanted to pick something that was different than what I usually buy (straight up pinks and bright reds). I ended up with Victorian. Okay, now here's the part where I tell you about how dumb I can be. I didn't know the "balm" portion of this product was a separate thing. I assumed, for some reason, that the balm was some part of the formula that came out of the stain end, and I thought the white end was a twisty thing to bring product up to the end. You know the lip glosses and such I'm talking about, right? I thought maybe the pen tip was "dry" until you twisted up the balm/stain liquid, so I just pulled off the cap and GRABBED and TWISTED the piece of what I now know was lip balm. I mashed it right up and pulled it right off when I did this. I wrecked the product before I even got to use it properly. I really won't blame this on the product and hold it against it, because that's user error. I have no idea what I was thinking. 

I really do like the colour of this. I think the whole colour selection of these are actually pretty good. I've never used a stain before. I've heard things where they stain TOO well and you can't get them off, or they simply don't do anything. I love Revlon with all my heart and I want to like this, but this is what it looks like: as though I was literally just biting my lips.

It's patchy and streaky and doesn't last long AT ALL. Maybe ten minutes. Maybe I picked a bad colour, maybe it's too close to my natural lip colour. I don't know. I am going to wait and look out for Revlon's version of the chubby sticks. I've heard way more good things about them. 

I did buy something I am happy about, luckily. 

I have been looking for neon nail polish for months. I have a really hard time finding popular brands like OPI and Orly and Sinful Colors and Color Club where I live. Even some Wet N' Wild products I see blogged about never see the light of day in my local Walmart supercentre. I was really happy to walk into Winners today and find this package of LA Girl Brites polishes. The pink is a true neon pink in real life, but it was harder to photograph. The white one glows under black light! There are neon purple, blue, and orange available, as well. I would love an orange eventually.

Tell me about your favourite neon polishes this season! 


  1. The revlon chubby stick dupes(i bought one this morning and cant even remember what theyre called!) are really good. I bought the colour Lovesick and its gorgeous. I think it might have been the colour you got, i find lighter stains don't work as well, such a shame though. x

  2. Looks way pretty! First time here! Loving your blog :).
    Thanks for sharing!