01 June 2012

May Favourites

Mark Glowdacious Illuminating Powder (Shimmied Up) ☼ I became a bit of a blush and bronzer fiend over the past couple months, but since my NYX highlighter broke multiple times (another story), I've been doubling this one up as a highlighter and bronzer. The light, center shade is a pale gold with loads of shimmer and shine, and I brush the outside colours on like a regular blush/bronzer after. I found myself grabbing for this multiple times this month! 

St. Ives Apricot Scrub ☼ I have a cleanser and make up remover that I use at night, but I use this every morning. Since I bought it a couple months ago, I have not had a single skin problem. I have been blessed with very clear skin, but I'm human and get zits every now and then. I haven't had one for over two months, and I'm not saying this is the reason why that is, but it is a change I made around the same time! I think it's definitely helped. It's really affordable and easy to find, too, which I like in a product.

Vaseline ☼ I thought about making a post just about how I use Vaseline, but there are tons of other bloggers who have done so and a quick Google can bring up some of those posts for you. I put it on chapped lips, legs and body after a shower, on my hands when they get dry, on my eyebrows to smooth them out, on my feet and elbows when they get dry.. and there are so many more uses that I haven't got around to trying yet! 

Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner (White) ☼ I used to wear white eyeliner a few years ago but I haven't had one since. I didn't really research or try many before picking one out.. I just kind of went to the store and saw white. I wore it every day for a week after I bought it! Annabelle is a Canadian cosmetics company with reat prices. I've only tried the pencil liners (I have a couple other colours), so I will be looking into more products. 

Avon Strong Results Length and Strength Complex ☼ I have the worst nails in the world. I love polish and I buy lots of it, but unfortunately I don't post many photos here because I have sad hands. I bite not only my fingernails, but hangnails and skin around my fingers and on my hands. It's a horrible habit! I have tried so-called miracle products like Witchcraft, which had an icky taste but didn't keep me off of the rest of my hands. On top of that, my nails are always weak and peeling. The Avon Strong Results treatment is like a clear liquid that you put on your bare nails for a few days and it makes them strong and moisturized. For me, it stops the peeling nearly instantly. I give my poor fingers a break every now and then and leave them naked save for this treatment with the Avon Silk Wrap treatment. I'm nearly done my bottle, so looks like I'll have to get some more!

Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss (Peony - not pictured) 
☼ I don't know where I was around January when everybody was blogging about these glosses, but I had no idea they were so loved by bloggers until I read Cute and Mundane's post last week. I immediately knew from her swatches that I wanted Pink Ice, so I rushed out to the store and... then I couldn't decide. I decided to pick up Peony, which is a warm pink with gold shimmer. It's very sheer, but the shimmers are visible and it's a comfortable formula to wear. I normally don't like lipgloss, but this is awesome! It's safe for work and everything if you don't want to wear too bright or obvious colours on your lips. I am planning on going back to buy some more, simply because I've heard so many good things and I was impressed myself. I guess this technically shouldn't be a favourite of the month since I just got it, but oh well! Go look at some swatches and get to the store right now if you were like me and in the dark about these!

If you've made a May favourites post, link me to your blog in the comments!


  1. I can't live without my glowdacious!!!!

    xo Jackie

  2. Hello, I found your blog searching to see which product was better mark. glowdacious over the glow sunkissed. I see you have tried both, which do you like better?

    THX :)

    1. Hey! Do you mean the Avon bronzing pearls a couple posts back, compared to the Mark Glowdacious?
      I like the Avon pearls better if I'm going for a bit more of a shimmer or highlight. They're described as bronzing pearls, but the Sunkissed one has a mix of pink/white/"brown" pearls, so it's lighter and less "orange." The Glowdacious works more like a bronzer and I sometimes find the powder to be a bit difficult to work with. I am pretty pale, so the less orange or brown and heavy, the better.
      They're different enough products for it to be worth it to try both, though, if you're still not sure. :')

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    1. Oops. I don't have a lot of readers, so providing an email contact never really occurred to me.