15 June 2012

Body Shop, WHAT are you doing?

I have so many mixed feelings right now about this whole thing.

I saw the shimmer cubes online, mainly posted by other bloggers who had received the new products before they were released from events and such. I KNEW I was going to buy the new shimmer cube palette as soon as I could. From everything I read, they were being released May 21, 2012. I went a few days after into my local Body Shop and asked about the products when I didn't see them displayed, and they said it wasn't for a while yet.  I was confused at first, but then I realized I follow a lot of UK bloggers so the dates could be differet for Canada or North America. The date mix up was my first frustration because I had seen photos and reviews and swatches floating around for what felt like weeks and I STILL couldn't get my hands on it!

I finally went to The Body Shop again after I found out the launch date was supposed to be June 11th, only to find that they were not selling the Lily Cole shimmer cubes individually. This was the only product from the collection that I wanted to purchase. I thought about buying the eyeliner long before I actually went to TBS, but decided I didn't really need it. They were selling everything else separately at their original prices (domes, glosses, pearl primer, etc.), but they would only sell the shimmer cube in a package that was priced at $50. It included the Lily Cole eyeliner, a Big and Curvy mascara (permanent, not part of this collection), and their eyeshadow brush. It was a good deal because essentially you would be getting two products free, but I was shocked and very annoyed that they would not sell the products separately. They were taking advantage of the fact that the new collection was popular and they knew that people are easily suckered into a deal like that. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I gave in myself and bought the package because I wanted the shimmer cubes so badly. I planned on spending the $22 plus tax that day and walked out spending over $50 because there was no other way besides shopping online (which would have been ridiculous with shipping and stuff, anyways).

For those of you who purchased parts of the new collection in store, what was your experience? I was unsure whether or not this was something this particular location put together or if every Body Shop was selling the cubes this way.


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