26 May 2012

NYX 40% off Haul

A couple weeks ago there was a 40% off on select NYX products, so I bought a couple things I'd been meaning to try. I really wanted to get some single eyeshadows, but I spent like an hour looking at other bloggers' swatches and I either couldn't decide or I was picking colours I basically already had. I have a lot of white, gold, brown, copper, etc., so I am leaning more toward building a collection of brighter colours. I had my eye on Red Head, but like I said.. hard to decide. If you have a favourite NYX single eyeshadow to recommend, I'd be so happy to hear from you in the comments!

Here's what I ended up picking out:

I've wanted another pair of false lashes for a while now since I wore them all through the Christmas season every time I went out! A lot of their selection was sold out, so I really just picked the first one that was in stock that wasn't bedazzled or over the top in some other way; these are Baby J. It comes with some adhesive. I tried these on the other day and I'm not sure I like them or the glue! I usually use Ardell glue and it works really well, but I couldn't get these to stay on at all! I will also add that the lashes are attached to what looks and honestly feels like a piece of string. It's difficult to bend to fit your eye/lashline, and I honestly think it makes them heavy and less likely to want to stay put. I wondered for a second if I was being crazy and it was one of those strings that you're supposed to use just to apply the lashes then it comes off, but it's just.. the lashes. I looked on the site again and it doesn't look like all of the lashes look like this with the string, just certain ones. I'm going to try again with different glue. 

After my mini-meltdown in making decisions about eyeshadows, I ended up just picking some Loose Pearl EyeshadowsNudeVery Pink, and Mocha. I really like these, minus the fact that the packaging is inconvenient. They are clearly meant to be moved to pots or something. I have just been dipping the tip of my brush into the top because the hole is a good size, and I don't have jars or pots to put the loose shadows in. The colour selection is nice, though, and I think they're really good quality for $3.00! Well pigmented and SHINY! I can definitely see myself buying more in the future. My swatches are without primer and a very small amount of the shadow just on the tip of my finger, so there's more where that came from! ;-)

The next thing I decided on was an eyebrow kit. If you've heard me ramble about my eyebrows before, you know that I have next to none and I don't do much with them. I have a pencil, but I rarely fill them in or do anything else. I thought I'd try something, but I still don't know how to make them look nice like every other blogger's I see! I'll figure it out someday. :')
The Eyebrow Kit comes in a couple different colours, but since I'm fair and and naturally blonde, I went with the Blonde kit. There are four colours, a couple brushes, and three stencils. The stencils are useless because they don't match my eyebrow shape/width AT ALL, but someone else with normal brows might have better luck.

Probably the thing I was most excited for was the Xtreme Lip Cream. I have a few of the Soft Matte Lip Creams and I LOVE THEM, so I was happy about the new ones that aren't matte. I picked Candy Land and it matches my hair almost perfectly. It's pigmented, non-sticky, comfortable and light feeling on my lips, and lasts a couple hours. It has a sweet smell, but really only when you open the tube and take a whiff. The tube looks way smaller than its matte counterpart, but the same amount of product in g, which confused me a little. Anyways, I'm happy with the colour I chose. I'm happy with mostly everything I got! 

What did you end up picking from the 40% off? 

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