17 May 2012

A Post Where I Talk About Nothing

For some reason, I thought not having classes would give me more time to blog and whatnot. I honestly haven't even thought about it! I will yammer on briefly about what I've been up to, but sadly this isn't a "real post."

I have been job searching. I'll admit, it's probably tougher than usual because I have pink hair. One place has said they would hire me on as a student intern, they just have to wait for government approval. That's how a lot of student summer jobs work here; the government funds the pay for summer students for interns and camp counsellors and things like that. Most of those jobs don't start until June, so I should be hearing back any time now. I've been applying absolutely everywhere just in case, though. It's tiring.

I have had lots of time to relax. I am watching up on some television, reading, and drawing. My last investment before I have started budgeting the crap out of my life and everything I do was an Wacam Intuos4 tablet. I have literally spent hours this week drawing and painting with it. Ideally, I would like to make some sort of income with drawing or design. I enjoy doing it, it's hardly like work. I'm designing a logo for my boyfriend's solo music/DJing at the moment, so I'm keeping busy.

I ordered new glasses (I'm sure you've all heard of Warby Parker.. if not, look into it. Quality and super inexpensive). Then I got a Pinterest and spent an evening looking at vintage style clothing and hairstyles and got inspired to cut my hair short. I am still unsure whether or not I like it. I certainly don't love it, but I wonder if it's the colour. I love pink hair and I never want to change it, but I feel like the bob-type thing I have going on would look better blonde. Maybe this is crazy and not really a thing, but some days I feel like this hairstyle just isn't photogenic. Haha.

There has also been a lot of lusting over games and wishing I could afford a new computer right now. I want Diablo III and Guild Wars 2 and I only have a Macbook Pro. I foresee an update to PC in the near future when I get some money.

So that's been my summer break thus far, and a post completely void of cosmetics. Awesome.

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