03 May 2012

Avon Glow: Summer 2012

Gettin' my Glow on.

Bronzing Pearls in Sunkissed, bronzing brush, Bronzing Powder in Sunkissed Glow, Nailwear Pro in Venus, lip gloss in Nude, eye liner in Copper Paradise.

I like the shimmery gold packaging that makes this "Glow" line stand out from other products. As a sidenote, Venus is a regular nail colour and nothing new (I actually already owned one, but this came in a demo package, so now I have another). The intro prices for these products are affordable, ranging from $3.99-8.99. I wasn't sure when ordering whether or not I would like or have use for everything, but I think I will be able to enjoy all of it.

My only complaint is that the lip gloss is not what I would ever describe as nude. It's this random sparkly dark brown/orange and is too noticeable/coloured on my lips. I even thought it looked like what I would have expected with a name like "Nude" in the campaign books, but it's different once you get it. My mum pointed out that the point of these summer "glow" products are to enhance a tan or create a natural looking glow, so a more "golden" nude makes sense. I just don't really like it and I feel it's still unexpected in a sense. There are a couple other colours available, like pinks and corals, that look more promising and wearable for me. 

Would you try any of the new Glow products?

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  1. <3 I would try to bronzing powder :)I hope that not only bronzing but also illuminates :)