30 December 2011

Merry Belated Christmas ;-)

It's already almost a new year! I had a fantastic Christmas, though today I really started feeling overwhelmed by all the social situations.. I am an extreme introvert and definitely needed a recharge.

I finally got my college applications done. I don't think I've mentioned it at all, but I am in my second of four years in human services, but my school has recently decided they are dropping the degree from the school. I am technically "allowed" to graduate fully credited, but it's been really discouraging to feel like the school doesn't support what I want. They've had money troubles and there's been some huge staff changes, so I understand what's going on.. it still bothers me. We have people in all years of the program still in it, so it might even be another five years before they can be rid of everyone in the program. How unsettling! I applied for social service work at three different schools and it's a two-year degree, so I'll still be all done school two years from now. If anyone else is in a part of the country/world where it's time for college and uni applications to be completed and you're waiting for replies, I hope for the best for all of us ;)

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  1. good luck with all that in your school c:

    wish you a happy new year!

    hope you can visit my blog, and hope you also like it!