21 December 2011

Lip Butter - Cupcake

This is just a brief post.. I've been a little busy with Christmas stuff! Good, but busy.

I really wanted to buy another Revlon lip butter.. but every time I saw them after the first one I bought, they were either sold out of the colours I was interested in or WAY overpriced! Everywhere I saw them wanted $11-12 for one, I couldn't believe it! The first one I bought at Walmart was $7.49. The cheapest I found them with Cupcake available was $9.99, so I settled and grabbed it. I like this colour way more than I like Candy Apple, and I really like Candy Apple. I am really surprised and a little proud of myself for picking out colours that seem to suit me pretty well. I really liked Cupcake at first based on the fact that it's pink and I really wanted a bright pink (so many MAC lipsticks I want and need now that I've seen I can pull something like this off). I was a little afraid it would look bad on me, but you've probably come to undersand in this past little paragraph .. I. LIKE. IT. A LOT.

I'm just really happy with the colour and formula again. This one's a little less staining than Candy Apple and doesn't last as long, but that's my judgment for wearing it the night and kind of snacking and drinking.

I would really like more pink lipsticks, what would you recommend? MAC Snob looks similar to this (at least to me), and I've had my eye on it for a while now.

PS. I am thinking about ginger-afying my hair. I've been numerous shades of red in the past, but blonde is usually my staple, "go-to" colour. I've grabbed a box of Feria #74 Copper Shimmer and I'm on the fence about it, just because I usually spend a lot of money trying to go back blonde once I've had my fun. The problem with blonde for me is that nowhere will listen and bring me back to my natural, "strawberry blonde." I do like it lighter, and so do people in salons.. they're all about getting me as blonde as possible. It doesn't matter how light I go or if I tone or anything, the natural red in my hair comes through eventually. I figure I could throw a nice orange/red over it and when it fades, it'll look more natural.

(one time that I had a red I really liked) ^

Decisions, decisions..

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