01 January 2012


I guess this is typical of every person/blogger, but I know what I want my year to consist of. I hate the term new year resolution, and it doesn't mean that just because it's a new year, I believe everything will magically start being different or better. I just think it's nice to start somewhere.

 I started off 2011 cutting soda out of my diet and did well for maybe five or six months. I ended up failing miserably because Patrick is a Cola fiend and it's almost the only thing he ever has at home. Part way through that, in April, I started eating better. I lost 10lbs during the summer and wanted to lose more by September, but that ended up stopping for some reason as well.

Well, I promise myself this year is going to be the start of something totally different. I am resolving to live healthier and I am sticking to it. I am doing the same things I've always done for the most part: no soda, no snacks at least 3 hours before bed, drinking enough water, not over-indulging or overeating, checking sodium and not having too much, exercising for at least one hour every single day, etc. Sounds simple enough, right?

I would also love to do a photo every day for the whole year. I tried two years ago and got partway through February and stopped.

Is anyone else vowing to take the healthier lifestyle route this year and for always? <3
PS How was everyone's New Year's Eve?

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