01 November 2011

On The Prowl, good food, + a friend

I think this blog will be infinitely boring if I leave out the rest of my life besides buying and using cosmetics. I used to have another blogger site where I posted everything and anything, but it has since been destroyed a little. Some photos and posts are missing in places, so it's a mess. I created this because I thought I wanted to only use it for a beauty blog, but I think I would blog a lot more if I posted other things. Anyways.

I came back to school from my fall semester reading week on Saturday night, and guess what was hanging on my door!? Two roses! I had no idea who they were from (and my boyfriend got a little upset and thought it was another boy ;-b), but I quickly found out my friend across the hall had put them there. They're so pretty! No one has ever given me flowers before.

So after I got settled and started unpacking, I decided I needed a really good meal. I made grilled salmon and teriyaki rice. Observe:

Seriously, it was so good.

The most important thing I wanted to post about, though, was the other three Wet N' Wild On The Prowl nail polishes I found after I picked up Cougar Attack. I loved it so much, but unfortunately it peeled off the next day. I didn't have a base coat or anything, so I'm hoping next time I try it things will work out better.

Now I have (L-R): Cougar Attack, Correction Tape, Behind Closed Doors, and Tangled In My Web.


Today I tried Behind Closed Doors (two coats) over Avon Matte Black As Night. It isn't a very good photo, but you can see the glitter pieces sharp on my pinky and ring finger! I love it. It's identical to Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia, except red instead of purple.

I'm on the hunt for a dark-medium blue now. TARDIS blue.


  1. The glitter is gorgeous. Your nails look great.

  2. OMG those colors are SOOO PRETTY! I love glitter ;) you have great taste<3 && YUM I love salmon. Its my favorite! && I wanted to say thank youuuu for adding me to your blogroll doll. You know I'll be adding yours to mine :) Great post <3

    xo Jenn