28 October 2011

Unexpected shopping

I stopped in a Superstore in my hometown tonight to see if coffee was on sale and decided it might be worthwhile to check out their beauty/cosmetics department. I have been in the store a million times and never thought about looking at shampoo or makeup or whathaveyou because.. well, it's a grocery store. I don't think about makeup when I'm buying food. But I'm really glad I went because I found some of the On The Prowl Wet N' Wild polishes I've been looking for!

My tiny haul: Nivea Smooth Replenishing hand cream, Wet N' Wild Cougar Attack, Maybelline Great Lash (BIG) mascara (Brownish Black).

I don't know about anyone else, but this Nivea hand cream has been the only thing I've used besides The Body Shop Body Butters all year. They're usually about $5 in any drugstore. It's not greasy and it SAVED my hands last winter when I used it for the first time. I'm prone to dry skin and rashes during the winter since I always work in drive thrus and have my hands stuck out in the wind and cold and snow. I'd recommend it since it's cheap and works for me!

Cougar Attack has bee on my wishlist for a couple weeks now. It wasn't sitting on a shelf or in any display, just on its own in a random section, so I snatched it up. I think they also had Ready To Pounce, Tangled In My Web, and Behind Closed Doors. I didn't really think of grabbing anything else at the time because I was so happy to find this one, but I'm going back to double check and buy some more tomorrow.

Ugh, it's so perfect. The colour is a medium, sheer brown and the glitter is small and copper/orange. This was two coats, no base and no top coat. My nail polishes and stuff are at school right now and I'm only home for the week and didn't bring anything along. It's really bumpy without a top coat; I'd recommend one. It dried really quickly. I just love it so much! I apologize for my sad, chewed up fingers. I'm still trying to ditch the nibbling habit.

I just bought the mascara because I needed a new one. I didn't really choose it for any particular reason. I'm not picky with my mascaras. I like the colours of the tube and my "regular" old Great Lash worked good enough last time I bought one. I know, those are probably junky reasons. Oh, well.

Well, that was what I did before coming home for a boring night of pizza and Tumblr. I want to buy more thingssssSs. I really hope I can get Tangled In My Web, because I came up with an awesome idea. I'm not sure if it's been done (it should be, because the theory/mental image in my head looks so cute), but I want to do a half moon manicure with the bottom green and the rest of the nail pink, with TIMB over the pink part. Boom - watermelons.

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