07 October 2011

Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow Trio, Sally Hansen Xtremewear - There are feet in this post. Be warned.

I am a huge fan of Temptalia. I can't afford every new Chanel or MAC product, but I like to look at Christine's photos because I personally think she does the best swatches of everything. I first saw a couple of Wet n' Wild Colour Icon Eyeshadow trios on the blog and decided I needed to finally try one. I picked Sweet As Candy - a shimmery white, medium golden brown, and princessy pink. These palettes, let me tell you.. they all look nice, have good colours, and are affordable and easily found in my area. Perfect. I have a lot of Avon and Mark eyeshadows and a Bh Cosmetics palette, but I don't generally buy palette or individual shadows. This needs to change! I'm in a big eyeshadow phase right now, it's kind of crazy. I almost want to go buy more things tomorrow. But anyways, I really like these. They last ALL DAY on me, even without primer. The shadow is soft and creamy and builds up easily. I'm not as big a fan of the "browbone" colour, though.. it didn't translate so well once it was actually on my eyelid. It looks nice in the palette and on my hand. Oh, well. I have a shimmery cream-coloured Mark shadow that I use nearly every day, so even if I decide I really dislike this one, I'm not really out any money. It was $4.97 at my local Walmart, and I'm in love with the other two colours. 

Please excuse my eyebrows in the following pictures. See this post. I have also been neglecting them lately and seeing how it goes. Whatever.

So there's that! I want to buy every single one that's kicking around right now eventually. I would recommend them if you are looking to experiment with some new colours or aren't a huge shadow-abuser (yet). They're cheap and nice enough. 

ALSO while I was out, I picked up a new nail polish. I'm way too cheap to go for Essie and OPI (oh yeah). I have been obsessed with glitter lately (eyeshadow and glitter.. the ultimate combination?), so this really piqued my interest when I saw it. I actually have a friend at school that has this polish and I kind of overlooked it when she suggested it to me before. She described it as "Dorothy's ruby slippers." I think it's a pretty good description! It's Sally Hansen Xtremewear in Red Carpet. 

I painted my toes because it's my weekend to work and I just removed some nondescript black junk off my nails this afternoon. I would suggest you don't scroll all the way if you think feet are gross and weird. I think mine are pretty attractive, but I know the average person doesn't get the warm fuzzies when they see feet.
(I wish the camera could capture the sparkles!)

Yay! I'm calling this my Ruby Slipper Red.

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