02 August 2011

I bought a new tweezer, but I have to be bitchy and tell a story first

I want to talk about my eyebrows for a second. This might seem weird to some people, but if there's anything I hate about my body, it's my eyebrows. I used to get teased and bullied because of them, even into highschool. I am fair and I have blonde hair. I used to get called "no-brows" and "albino" and all sorts of nice things. But it doesn't just stop with the fact that I have light hair and pale skin.. no, it gets better worse.

I have the opposite of a uni-brow. 
I have a gap between my eyebrows that is larger than what most people have. 
My eyebrows are short and thin.
I have NEVER purposely shaved or tweezed the natural length of my eyebrows. Ever. 
Baby, I was born this way. 

For some reason, people think it's okay to comment and say rude things about how I shouldn't shave my eyebrows off. People call me ugly and mention "the brows." I posted a picture of myself on a red hair Tumblr a year ago when I had red hair and I got so many comments about "the nasty things I do to my brows." All I have to say to that is FUCK YOU. 

Now that that's out of the way.. I do needto say that I do need to tweeze some hair that isn't part of my brow. Just like everybody else. But again, I do not purposely pull out half of my eyebrows just for the lovely comments. 


My favourite tweezer of all time decided to be stupid in the past couple weeks. It's like the two points got misalisgned or something, because out of nowhere I couldn't pull a damn hair out with the thing no matter what. It's not a user error.. I've been using the darn thing with no complaints for three years. I was a little sad today when I went out to Shoppers to find another one and they don't make this particular one anymore. My old one was a red, Revlon "expert" and I believe the model or whatever was "pro tip." 

Look at that beautiful point! Even one of my roommates borrowed it one time and commented on how nice and efficient it was. I'm still upset it's on strike/being lazy/dead. 

But I did find this particular Revlon one (Expert Slant Tip) on sale and bought it, though I was extremely skeptical since it wasn't so pointy. But you know what? It was $8, it's just as good as my old one, and I'm happy with it. Revlon tweezers are stainless steel with a plastic covering that is easy to grip. Honestly, of all the drugstore brands, Revlon is one of my favourites for all categories of cosmetic needs. 

Enjoy your Tuesday! 


  1. I have that black one! It was pretty nice (:, though I must say I prefer my "diamond grip" pair for some reason. I agree- Revlon does make the best tweezers. A little pricey, but worth it!

  2. Ah, the old unsolicited advice. Isn't it wonderful?

    My favourite tweezers are Tweezerman - I bought my first pair about a year ago after using crappy supermarket ones for years because it never occurred to me that there was a difference in quality between one pair and another. Boy, was I mistaken.