09 August 2011

hard candy - pin up

I always buy makeup when I get paid. The other day I bought a baked blush by Hard Candy and Revlon's Nude Attitude matte lipstick. I'm only going to talk about the blush right this second because I have time before work to get 'er done!

I don't have a lot of blushes. I have two mark powder blushes (kitten glo and cameo glo) and a mark blush tint (peachy). I use all of them, and I just haven't really thought about trying anything else. But on makeupalley, the Hard Candy baked blushes get good reviews, so I decided to grab one and see for myself.

I picked up "pin up" because it wasn't too light and too dark. I don't like things to be too pink or too brown or too bronzer-like. Pin up is a good, safe inbetween colour that is peachy and not too pink, and it's SUPER shimmery! I love the shimmer.

 The packaging is nice and I paid $7 for it. I think I'm going to experiment with using it as an eyeshadow, too, because it's a nice colour that I feel can be useful in other ways. I'm loving it right now and I recommend trying it out! The other colours look nice, too, and I might try a couple out.

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