31 July 2011

Good afternoon! First off, I just want to apologize for the fact that I suck at taking photos. I suck at finding good lighting. I just suck. But I wanted to show my foundations, because I use them every day and I love them. I also have a question at the end, if anyone can help out..

A peek inside my little makeup bag! I bought it at a thrift store I don't know how many years ago.. it fits almost everything I use a regular basis and it's compact to travel. I just have to sort through what I want and don't want in there every once and a while because it can get pretty full. 

My liquid foundation (center) is Avon Healthy Makeup. It has SPF 15 and it's a good sized bottle. I think I paid somewhere between $10-$15 for it.. they're always having deals where you buy one, get one free for foundations and blushes and stuff, so I can't remember exactly. I have since peeled the sticker off with what shade it is, but I think it's the lightest and it's called "Light Ivory." It is the lightest-feeling formula I've ever used and it has a slight shimmer to it: not so much that you feel like a stripper rolled in glitter (or KeSha), but enough so you look glowy! 

I bought the ideal shade foundation adjuster about a month ago because I've gotten a bit of a tan this summer. It's the "cool" shade and I just add a tiny drop to my regular foundation when I go to use it and mix it together and it makes my foundation a little darker so I'm not winter-white faced and brown everywhere else.. haha. I'm really freaking pale in the winter.

The lighting is HORRIBLE in my apartment, but I tried to show off the two individually.. the orange/dark one is the adjuster by itself and to the right of it is the foundation (you can hardly see it, hmm). I did blend it in a bit. 

The powder foundation I don't always use.. My mom had this exact same one (shade: Nude) and I tried it one day and liked how it felt a bit like a bronzer because it wasn't "my" light shade. I dumped a tube of Mark Crystal Shimmer in "Flirtette" into my own Nude foundation so it added all the shimmer you see in the photos above. The foundation on it's own is MATTE and not at all glittery. I customized this one because I was never going to use all of the foundation and never going to use all of the powder shimmer by itself. I dust it on some days when I don't feel like using blush.

 Anyways! That's my basic foundation routine.. liquid, adjuster, sometimes powder/shimmer. Now I have a dilemma (though it's unrelated to faces and foundation). I recently decided I would try REALLY HARD to stop my bad habit of nail biting. I bought Witchcraft STOP IT and it's been working wonders.. this is the length of my nails after one week - they're normally much shorter! But now I've come to the realization that the REAL problems lies with me biting, picking, and peeling my skin. I chew my FINGERS, not my fingernails! Is there any way to remedy this? I am embarrassed by my hands and fingers most of the time because they look so gross and sad. I moisturize the shit out of them and try to keep my hands out of my mouth and away from my face, but it's just something I don't catch myself doing until it's too late. :(

Anyways, time for work. Hope that last picture doesn't make you barf; it kind of makes me feel that way sometimes. ;)

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  1. I'm pretty sure there is nail polish you can buy that tastes terrible so you won't bite your nails but I don't know if that will help from biting your fingers =(