21 August 2011

Avon 12-in-1, Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hey! I have been a bit busy working, going to the beach, and moving apartments. I would like to update more often, and hopefully that can happen soon. Anyways, I just wanted to share one of my most used products: this Avon 12-in-1 eyeshadow palette.

I got it for Christmas this past year and it's just been one of the only eyeshadows I kept around at school (limited space and convenient packaging). I do have tons of individual shadows and a BH Cosmetics 120 shadow palette, but I don't like moving it back and forth because I'm afraid of breaking the shadows. This is cheap and has a few staple colours and it's just so easy to take places.

This is the first time I've really done eyeshadow swatches, so my apologies for any lighting issues or inaccurate representations. This is just one swipe with my fingertip, without primer. As you can see, the dark brown is a little patchy and hard to build up the colour, but I have no complaints about anything else. I don't use that colour very often. I'm a bigger fan of the first six colours on the left. As you can see in the first stock photo, my first two colours are actually switched. All of them are glittery. My most used colour in this palette is the second, white/cream one. I use it for literally everything. It builds, it's shimmery, it highlights. It's just really nice.

They're obviously no MAC product, but I think the colour choices, pigmentation, and packaging are all good enough for what it costs (approx. $12, depends on sales/deals). It's been a nice addition to my makeup and I have gotten a lot of use out of it. If you're used to quality stuff and you really care about beauty products, you might want to pass on it. It's more of a casual/beginner cosmetic-user kind of thing, in my opinion. I'm actually a bigger fan of i-Mark eyeshadows (next post - I promise!).

Next up.. Sally Hansen Salon Effects. If you've read my other post, you know I'm trying to stop biting my nails. I got the nail thing down, but I still nibble/peel everything else on my fingers. In an attempt to cease this, I picked up a package of Salon Effects in Kitty, Kitty. I figure if my hands look pretty, I won't put them near my mouth/teeth. I was hesitant on picking it up at first for a few reasons:
  • TEN DOLLARS? I know salons are expensive, and nail polish costs the same, but it's still a bit expensive for nail stickers.
  • I can do leopard print designs freehand already. 
  • I'm not allowed to paint my nails for work, so I'd have to remove it pretty quick. 
  • I wasn't even sure if it was quality stuff. Who wants to throw ten dollars in the garbage? 
But you know what? I was so happy I picked it up. I have hardly chewed my hands this weekend, and it's been two days and there isn't A SINGLE SIGN of chipping. It's stayed stuck on my nails completely and it looks way better than if I painted it myself because you don't get those puckers and lines like you do with half wet polish. The application is super easy, though a bit time consuming. I think it took me about 40 minutes from start to finish. I'm going to hide my hands from my supervisors all week because I'm off starting the 28th, anyways. I want to do an experiment and see how long the design will last.

(Excuse my poor, bitten fingers. I'm trying; really). 

I'm going to recommend these Salon Effects to everyone. I know for me it's a great alternative to getting manicures and other fake nails put on. I really like how it's just like polish and not artificial nails - I'm not a fan of obvious stuff stuck on my nails. It's easy and pretty, and there are tons of other designs! 

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