14 September 2011

i-mark metallic: Jazzy

First I want to (sort of?) apologize for not posting a thing for the past few weeks. It's back to school for me and this year I am balancing my part time job, student leadership responsibilites, and classes. The reason I am only partly apologizing is because I don't have any sort of following or readers or anything, so I'm basically talking to myself. Awesome.

I ordered three of the new i-Mark Metallics eyeshadows: Jazzy (purple), Sugar Sugar (pale pink), and moonshine (Silver). Unfortunately, they are back ordered and I only have Jazzy in my possession at the moment. I decided to give it a whirl today because I heard good things from Jackie and every photo elsewhere I've seen to date of these colours has made me very excited to try for myself!

I didn't do swatches because.. well, it was hard. The little eyeshadow is not soft and easy to rub off/apply like every other eyeshadow on the planet I've ever used. It took tons of work to even get any colour off and onto my eyelids. I layered, I used primer, I used a brush, I used my finger.. it's a little disappointing. Most people have said they are beautiful and well pigmented, but I just didn't get that from it. The colour is so pretty and almost irridescent and I simply LOVE it, but the texture of the shadow itself is just strange. I'm going to use it anyways, and I will still recommend others try it out. It's too pretty to throw in a junk pile and never use. I can deal with a bit of difficult application.

i-Mark in Biscotti (shimmery white/cream) from lashline to brow
i-Mark Metallic in Jazzy on entire lid
Random-ass darker purple from 88 BH Cosmetics Matte eyeshadow palette (I will do a post on that someday)
Wet n' Wild Mega Liner liquid eyeliner in Dark Brown (FAVOURITE. EYELINER. EVER.)
Lashblast Fusion in Black Brown

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