29 July 2011

I bought Hard Candy's Stand In Line eyeliner in Sigali yesterday and decided to try it out. It's a really pretty purple and it's pretty well pigmented for being $5 at Walmart. It's a mechanical, twist-up liner with a little foamy smudger on the other end. My only complaint is that it gets everywhere else; I looked in the mirror later in the day and had purple lines under my eyebrow.. and that NEVER happens to me. I have used liquid liners and gel liners forever and never once have I had those pesky eyeliner lines on my eyelids. Anyways.. good enough for what I paid for it.

I have been wanting a nude lipstick for a long time now. I'm sick of Avon lipsticks. I used to want to try Mark Lipclicks (seriously, read this girl's blog.. she's one of my favourites), but I keep getting paranoid that whatever colour I end up choosing will not be accurately represented in the photos. That's my problem with buying things online - I see a picture and then I get it and sometimes it's nowhere near what I expected (that's what beauty blogs are for, of course!). I've decided to go all out and try MAC Pretty Please as a treat when I get paid next week. I thought I wanted Creme D'nude, but I'm paranoid it will look bad. I'm also looking for Revlon Soft Nude as a cheaper alternative for now, but Shopper's is overpriced and Walmart is sold out of it for now. I refuse to pay $3 more for something at one place when I KNOW it is cheaper somewhere else.

In my photo I was just being a dick.. I ACTUALLY (and I still can't believe I did it) put concealer over my Avon Smooth Minerals lip tint (Smooth Shimmer). I just wanted to test to see how nude I could make my lips myself and how it might look. I feel silly for doing it, but whatever.

I do have a quality camera (Canon Rebel XS), but I was mad lazy today and decided Photobooth would be well enough. Nobody's reading, anyways!


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  1. I would definitely try out the Lipclick in Nudie!! You won't be disappointed!! & putting concealer on your lips before lips makes your lipstick stay on longer!! So keep doing it don't feel stupid lol