15 June 2018

My Favourite Hair Products by VERB

I have 2b curls and my hair has a tendency to knot and mat very easily. I need hair products that will keep my curls hydrated and looking great. Gels can be tricky for styling because they tend to make the hair "crunchy" and weigh it down. Once I found these products from VERB, I have been very happy with styling my hair!

  • Sea Texture Cream 
  • Sea Spray
  • Leave-In Mist 
Not pictured, but I also need to give a quick shoutout to Ghost Oil and both the Hydrating and Sea shampoos and conditioners. I'm basically ready to give them all my money. 

After I shampoo, I like to apply the mist directly into my hands and run it through my hair. The nozzle isn't the best in the world and I can control the product a lot easier this way. It makes my hair smooth and a bit easier to comb through while wet. Then I apply some of the texture cream through the lengths of my hair and blow dry with a diffuser. When I'm done with that, I use a bit of Ghost Oil to tame all small frizzies or fly-aways that remain and then I scrunch some of the sea spray onto my curls. The cream leaves my hair very soft and the curls aren't as defined as I like, so I find using the spray and cream together leaves me with the perfect combination of softness and definition! 

These are my "day 2" curls. I spent the day before at a music festival on the lake, but it still looks really good!

What are your favourite hair products? 

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