31 March 2017

Trend: Favourite Brown Lipsticks RIGHT NOW!

One thing that I always have a lot of in my collection is lipstick. I love different finishes and colours and formulas and brands, and there always has to be "the one" for each occasion. I've been trying to make sure all colours get equal love and use, so I thought I'd pick a colour or shade range as a theme for a few posts.

Here are 6 of my favourite brown lipsticks right now.

Left to right: Urban Decay VICE "1993: (cream), Urban Decay VICE Vintage "Roach'" (cream), MAC Styled In Sepia (matte, LE but something like Stone is comparable), NYX Matte Lipstick "Butter," Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick "Sanctuary," Colourpop Ultra Satin "Tansy."

Nude or brown lipsticks can sometimes be a challenge if you are fair, because the contrast of features and shades and pigmentation of your lips can definitely change how the lipstick looks. Some of these might be nudes or mauves on someone else, but for me they are distinctly brown.

UD Roach is described as a cream finish, but I think it is comparable to their other VICE lipsticks with a "metallized" finish. I love the newer VICE lipsticks and highly recommend checking them out, there is a ludicrous number of shades (in the 100s if I recall correctly) and there is certainly something for everyone.

I love MAC matte lipsticks, 98% of my MAC lipsticks I own are actually in this formula. I find it very comfortable and long lasting. This exact shade was in a limited edition collection, but Stone is a similar shade.

NYX Butter is a lighter, daily wear brown that can look a bit like a "greige." It isn't as long lasting as some other lipsticks I own, but it's a safer way to wear a brown to work.

Sanctuary is gorgeous and leans a bit cool, I think KVD actually describes it as a cool toned sepia which is a bit strange. It is quite dark on my colouring so I save it for evenings but it's a nice formula and colour.

Colourpop Tansy is the closest to a true "brown" that I have and I love it. Honourable mention goes to its sister brown. the Ultra Matte shade called Limbo. They are similar save for the formula, and I just prefer the Ultra Satin at this point in the game. I own a lot of their matte liquid lipsticks and they're not as consistently good as the Satins.

The 2 Urban Decay lipsticks are definitely my favourite of them all, it's nice to have so many options and I'm coming back around to love bullet lipsticks over the liquid trend that's been reigning for the last couple years.

Do you like brown lipstick and what's your favourite one?

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