29 November 2014

Sephora Haul - I love me

...because I love myself and hate having a full wallet. Cue nervous laughter.. because I'm a terribly broke student. At least I'll look great. 

I really hate my local Sephora. They never have anything in stock that I am there for. I don't particularly enjoy shopping online at Sephora because I don't get to have my stuff for a couple weeks. I also don't think the point conversion is the exact same (besides the obvious, I'm paying more, but getting less points because of shipping and duty and stuff). But this time, I was like.. I don't want to keep giving this store my phone number to call me when stuff was back in for me. The perk to shopping online this time was the cute little season set - I grabbed "A Bright Night Out."

The samples came in a little red cosmetic bag. It's an ugly shape and a weird, cheap texture, and I forgot to take a picture of it. I can't complain about a free bag, but I didn't look at it and think, "that's cute and useful!" It was nice to have an extra bag to put my new stuff in at the time, though. 

I missed the lotion sample that was included in the set, Philosophy's Loveswept. That one went right in my bag and has been put to use. The Fresh and Glamglow samples pictured weren't part of the free sample set, they were two of the free samples I added to my order on my own. The other one I chose was Lancôme Nude Miracle, and it came with three shades. The sample colours on the outside of the packaging are SO misleading and I was so confused. I gave the darkest shade to my mom, because she's always super tan and darker than me in general. She didn't try it while I was around, but I'm guessing it's nowhere near what it's shown to look like. The two lighter shades I figured I could mix to use more product and make a better shade for myself. I opened the middle shade in the 3-sample line up and it was FUCKING ORANGE. It was gross. It looked like it would be a fairly light, warm but still "fair" shade.. but it was just totally unworkable. I'm usually a "porcelain" or "ivory" foundation lady, so I opened the lightest sample shade and it actually ended up going on looking great. It was slightly taupe-looking on my hand before I blended it, so I was scared I'd have a brown face, but it blended into my skin perfectly. The full size is $48CAD, though, meaning I would never purchase it. I think $18 for the current L'oreal one I'm using is expensive enough. I find the strangest things to be a cheap-ass about. 

I like the UD 24/7 liner, but I don't typically use black for kohl (I prefer dark brown). I would definitely consider getting a fullsize of a different colour, though, or I would look into the sets they have for the holidays. It's a nice sample size, something to throw in my bag to travel with.

The Lancôme Hypnose mascara is just a mascara to me, nothing special. I like it well enough.

I haven't bothered to smell Girl yet, but I do really like Chloé ("Top notes of pink peony, freesia, and lychee embody subtle freshness. At the heart, midnotes of magnolia flower, lily of the valley, and rose rise to sublimated femininity. A base of velvety elegance comes to fruition through cedarwood, amber, and honey"). My mom's boyfriend is super sensitive to literally every scent on the planet - except this one! He actually liked it and we were all amazed. I would absolutely consider purchasing it. 

I already know I love the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, and I am probably going to get this shade in fullsize. I already have passed by it a dozen times, and sometimes even had it in my hand and changed my mind. Stupid, because it's great. It dries immediately and lasts a long time.

The Marc Jacobs gloss is a waste of time and space and I hate it. I do like "plumping" glosses that make your lips tingle, and this does that, so I'll just sit here with my arms crossed and go "hmmph" instead of throwing it onto the street. It's just that it's entirely sheer, with a plastic taste, and the glitter isn't visable like a MAC lipglass might have. I'm just smearing something vaguely tingly onto my lips that doesn't last very long. I would rather have an Avon Glazewear than this thing, and I fucking hate the Glazewears.

My real goodies (the ones I can't hate because I did my research and paid good money for them)!

I just wanted the Naked Basics 2 palette because I don't have anything small to put in my makeup bag when I travel or stay somewhere overnight. I always try to cuddle up my Naked 2 or 3 palette in a million shirts in my backpack to make sure nothing happens to them. This one is tiny enough to be secured with my other tools and products and not risk getting smashed up. The packaging is sturdy, there's a mirror, it has colours I use on a daily basis. I didn't include swatches here today because I figure this isn't news to anyone that this palette is decent and lots of people have done good reviews of it already. 

I've never tried a NARS blush before, so I picked one out almost at random. I wanted something that didn't resemble anything I have or use already. I heard it was super pigmented and flattering on Super White Girls, so Desire went in my cart, too. It's a true, cool pink and it makes me look like a cute little dolly with perfectly flushed cheeks. I like it a lot. I forgot to swatch because I was too happy. I'll probably never use anything else ever again (move over, Sea Me, Hear Me). 

I literally picked out Dragon Girl because Taylor Swift uses it. I am shamelessly copying a celebrity and I have nothing else to say about that. 

NARS Desire, Naked Basics 2, NARS Dragon Girl
KVD Bachelorette, Marc Jacobs Kissability (words like Disgusting and No come to mind), NARS Dragon Girl 
What's the last item you bought?

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