11 May 2014

A wishlist

I haven't blogged for a very long time, and now it seems that all of a sudden I want to blog about several things at once!

First of all, I moved to the basement of my house and I have amazing lighting! Funny, isn't it? I'm now a basement dweller, but I have a top-notch window that makes photographs much nicer. I took a photo of my makeup the other day that I will be posting soon, and hopefully will do often in the future!

Second, I am shuddering with anticipation of the MAC Alluring Aquatics collection. I have spent all of my free time on Specktra looking at swatches. I already picked out what I want to get, so now I'm just counting down the days! Expect to see a post about it soon when I get my little hands on some of the products.

Third, I ordered a few of the NYX Macaron Lippies and I'm just waiting for those to come to my door! I'll swatch and review those when they arrive and I get the  chance.

Lastly, and this is today's post - I want so many things right now. So here are some things I want to make mine as soon as possible!

I tried this on the other day! And I haven't gone into a store that wasn't H&M or Forever 21 and tried on anything in along time, so I naturally assumed I'd need a pretty large size (I'm not a big or overweight person by any means, but the sizing in such stores is ridiculous and I often need a size 10 in pants/jeans where I usually expect to be a 28in waist (usually a 4 or 6). The size 0 at Gap fit me like a glove, but they only had the mint/navy stripe at the specific store I was in. Going to look for the white/navy in my size elsewhere! But it's so cute and looks great on (check link if you don't believe me, there's a model photo).

Rudsak is my dream shop. I walk in and want to own one of everything. The style is perfect. The leather is beautiful. The shapes and colours are a great mix of punk and minimalist. I love these shoes more than anything else I've lusted over in the mall lately. I am definitely going back because they're ON SALE! I recently bought a tan pair of shoes nearly identical, but who doesn't need black and white brogues??

More Rudsak beauty. I recently bought a new purse (black with silver accents/studs) but my wallet is a cheap brown leather one from Etsy! And for some reason a lot of the black wallets I like have gold accents, not silver. I want everything to match. I really like this one, the metallic and crinkly bit is almost glittery in real life.

I only have a "menswear" looking, oversized gold watch right now that is pretty heavy. I love it to death, but I'm finding I really want to own more watches. My boyfriend is to blame.. he has something like 15 different ones to choose from on any given day! It's nice to have variety. I recommend Swatch, too, because they're affordable and have really good warranties. Their nicer looking watches are made from a really light materal, so they're very comfortable. And best of all, super affordable! Nothing is really over $255CAD.

I love the tulip skirt from the Gap. I want it in every colour. It's light and comfortable, the shape is interesting, and it has pockets! Summer is all about skirts and dresses for me, and this is perfect.

On sale finally! I've been staring at it in store for a couple months now, but it seemed like something I could hold off on. I like that I waited, because now I'm going to make it mine. They have other colours and they're all so cute for the summer.

I just really like pink. And dots. And blazers. Self-explanatory. Also, this store is amazing.

show me your lists! Spring cleaning has to happen to make some room for new items..

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