13 June 2013

It's been a while

I know that hardly anyone read this to begin with, but I did want to make a quick update and share some things.

I had a bad last semester (January-April 2013). Many personal things were going on, school ended up going less than acceptable, and I am now no longer attending the same college. I quit before finishing my degree (which would take another two or more years) and I am no longer invested or interested in what I was in school for. I have applied other places, and I'm moving, and that's a lot to swallow. I still have a huge interest in beauty blogging, and I am going to try again to do a better job of it.

I want to still make this a beauty-related post, and so I will quickly ramble about a couple of things I've been utterly in love with as of late!

When I saw the new Avon Cosmic nail polishes, I overlooked them. They didn't seem to look like holos when I saw them in the catalogue. But then I saw some swatches pop up online and nearly bought every colour. I still want Saturn and Super Nova (orange and a pinkish red, respectively). I have the next two days off work (I work with food and cannot wear polishes), so I slapped Radiant on as soon as I was home tonight!

 I super recommend you try them out. I have no idea how they remove yet (sparkles may be a bit stubborn, so be prepared).

Next up is my all-in-one, uber-versatile beauty product.. are you ready... ?


I originally bought it for my hair, I coat my head with it before I colour at home and also as a mask sometimes. Then I started putting it on my legs after I shower. And it makes your lips really smooth. And it's an amazing moisturizer and base for foundation. You can Google all its beauty uses.. it's seriously my new favourite thing. This jar was $7 at Bulk Barn.

Last of all, I finally invested in a beauty bloggers' old favourite: Naked II. I had a gift card for Sephora from Christmas I still hadn't used, so I got this and their Full Action mascara, which is my favourite of all time. 

I know you've all seen and heard about the Naked palettes, so I'll just leave a couple of my own pictures up and then I'm all done! I mean, this is my small update, and I hope to have more to say and share soon. 

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  1. could you do a swatch of celestial? It looks amazing and I want that nail polish :). Thank you.

    Lovely blog! :)