08 November 2012

sweet shopping

I placed on order on cherryculture a couple of weeks back because my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm broke! I was checking my mail and I pulled my keys out of my bag, but the tube was stuck in my keyring and I dropped it. The tube broke right where the cap screws on.. it was too messy to try and salvage and it's my all-time favourite "my lips but better" colour for all occasions, so I needed a new one! I decided to grab a couple of other small things just so I wasn't spending $12 on shipping for one tube of lipstick.. gotta make it worth it. ;-)

♡ China Glaze - For Audrey
♡ NYX - Tokyo Express & Pastel Pistachio
♡ NYX Lipstick - Femme 
♡ NYX Eye pencil - Yogurt 

My other shopping escapades lately include this bag ($50) in coral, these boots ($89), and a super comfy thrifted sweater ($3). The bag was a huge disappointment to me. I am still trying to decide whether or not I like it. I bought it from Uban Outfitters, something I don't have where I live. I was 100% in love with the bag and read tons of reviews before going through with the purchase because the shipping was $40 on top of the $50 the bag costs online - that's pretty expensive for me. They had a bright pink one that was listed as availiable/in stock until I got to the very end of checking out, when UO decided to tell me that it actually wasn't available. At all. I was devastated and wasn't sure I still wanted the bag (I was so set on the pink one), but the coral one looked nice so I still went through with it. The picture online looked light pink, but that colour is not accurate in the slightest. The bag I got is bordering on neon orange. It's really hard to photograph the colour, so I understand the mistake in looking at photos. Everyone tells me they love it, but I can't get over the fact that it's nothing like I expected. Plus the zipper is really shoddy. It gets stuck and the teeth will look bent, even though they can move back to place if you touch them. I just always feel like I'm going to break it so easily! The boots were a complete inpulse buy. I wasn't even shopping for anything in particular, just walked into Soft Moc and grabbed them. I'm very happy with them. I've been buying Minnetonka stuff for years, my moccasins always hold up super well. They're comfortable and I think they look good with everything. And.. baggy mansweaters are my weakness. I love Value Village so much.

Do you like my bag? Be honest. Sometimes I'm still sad when I look at it.

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