31 January 2012

happy 20th birthday to me

It was yesterday, but I wasn't really around my computer until now. :)

I didn't really do anything yesterday.. Patrick and I went out for supper a couple of weeks ago. He bought me Final Fantasy XIII-2 today and tickets to see Lights on Friday.

I was too excited to wait for a "real" picture! This has been my day. I played Final Fantasy XIII a little, too. It makes me want to dye my hair pink again. So much love for these games. Actually, Final Fantasy in general is fantastic. Sorry for so many thoughts at once!

P.S. Guess what I did with my new NYX Highlighter? Dropped it on the floor. You bet your sweet bippy I did. I tried the old alcohol trick and it's absolutely fine, but it's so ugly now. I'm so disappointed!

Anyways, what did/will you do for your birthday?

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