22 November 2017

Sheet Mask Review Round-Up!

As I promised a while ago, I wanted to make quick reviews of sheet masks I've been using in order to help others and keep a record for myself. 

OKA Pump the Brightening Up
Spotlight ingredients: niacinamide (Vitamin B), magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C).
Fit: great besides poking me in the eye a little bit.
Essence/Absorption: a sticky/greasy residue.
Effect: soft, plump, brightened skin. 

LEADERS 7 Wonders Caribbean Coconut Calming 
Spotlight ingredients: "high Vitamin E content activates skin soothing properties; nutrient-rich coconut."
Fit: a bit large and floppy. It has a layer to remove and it's supposed to adhere very well to the face but it doesn't stick well for me.
Essence/Absorption: very nice, watery and not sticky.
Effect: calmed, refreshed, and plump skin. 

esfolio Egg Essence 
Spotlight ingredients: egg yolk extract to nourish; hyaluronic acid. 
Fit: pretty good, no complaints nor raves.
Essence/Absorption: no residue, quick absorption.
Effect: moist skin.  

MIZON Joyful Time Rose
Spotlight ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen and plant extracts; claims to clean pores and moisturize.  
Fit: great fit, these are some of my favourite lines of masks and I use all of them regularly.
Essence/Absorption: so much extra essence to keep and use in the morning; watery and absorbs quickly though slightly tacky. 
Effect: moist, clear skin. 

G9 Skin Pure Milk Bomb
Spotlight ingredients: "milk protein extract and amino acid complex to provide moisturizing effects."
Fit: literally like it was made for my face. I've never been happier with a mask in my life.
Essence/Absorption: white and creamy essence that absorbs quickly without ANY residue.
Effect: BRIGHT and moist skin. 

Etude House Air Therapy Tea Tree 
Spotlight ingredients: tea tree oil for calming and healing properties. 
Fit: good fit. Another line of masks I use all variants of and always repurchase.
Essence/Absorption: watery, no residue, quick absorption. 
Effect: calmed and smoothed skin.  

The Creme Shop Coenzyme Q10
Spotlight ingredients: CoQ10; claims renewal, rejuvenation, source of collagen, improved skin elasticity. 
Fit: it's okay. It is a bit wide and has extra mask around the jaw and ears.
Essence/Absorption: watery, absorbs well with minimal residue.
Effect: really only feels hydrating and softening which is fine but I wouldn't mind to use up the other couple I have left and move on. 

OVERALL: no real duds lately! MIZON and Etude House are my go-to for when I want something comfortable and trustworthy. G9 Milk Bomb is the shining star that surprised me. What have you been using?

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