25 September 2016

European "DM" Drugstore Lipstick Review

It's been a while! Hello!

I'm still insanely obsessed with buying and applying makeup. I promised myself I would make some time to talk about some things and share some nice pictures.

Today I received a beautiful lipstick from a friend of mine who just went home to visit her family in Hungary. Knowing how much I love cosmetics, she brought me back a European drugstore brand lipstick to try. I don't know much about the brand or the drugstore, all I know is the drugstore chain is called DM and apparently it's equivalent to something like Shopper's Drug Mart or Rexall. It's their in house brand (like SDM carries Quo). I think the brand is called s-he, or it might be Style Zone, I'm not 100% certain so perhaps someone else from Europe could elaborate on the brand.

She picked out a fun, bright red for me - in certain light it looks a bit like a coral, sometimes it looks pink, and in photos it's mostly an orange-red. The package is a very simple, plastic white block design. The shape at the tip for application is a bit interesting, it makes it easier for the cupid's bow but it was a bit challenging to get crisp lines on the bottom lip.

The formula is creamy, it doesn't pull when applying, and you don't have to build it up in layers to get an opaque cover on the lips. It dries somewhere in between creamy and matte, but it does transfer.

I have been trying to find a site or something that ships this brand to Canada/US, however so far I haven't had any luck. Luckily we have many options for red lipsticks in various finishes from so many brands here, but I loved being able to try something new!

What;s the best makeup item you've tried that you can't get in your country?

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