16 March 2015

MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection 2015

Hi, anyone reading!

I managed to get my grubby little hands on a couple of items from this collection, which was super difficult, MIGHT I ADD. If you've been online and read some beauty blogs over the last few weeks, you may have seen how many were ready to trade their first born children for the Lavender Jade lipstick. I was most interested in Forbidden Sunrise, which I did manage to see in-store, but at that time I hadn't decided I absolutely needed it just yet. I'm going to suck it up this time around, I'm sure there will be adorable, bright orange colours for summer that I can use instead.

I ended up having to order online after the release, because I saw one swatch of the Summer Opal pressed powder and was convinced it had to be mine. I'm super pale, not sure what I am by MAC's standards as I don't use their foundation, but I'd hazard a guess of NC15. Summer Opal is a perfect highlighter for me, with a slight pinkish sheen.

The other item I purchased was the Burmese Kiss lipstick. I was not 100% convinced I would like it or need it, I honestly don't wear anything like this usually. I rationalized this purchase two ways:

  1. the packaging is awesome
  2. if I don't have anything like it, of course I need it 
feelin' quite photogenic today
wearing burmese kiss and summar opal
damn bbz u got a purdy mouth
So, here's the thing. I ended up liking the lip colour a lot more than I thought I would. It's a perfect spring and summer pink and it makes me feel pretty, it looks great with my light skin and red hair. The formula, however, leaves a bit to be desired. It's a matte finish, so of course it's a bit more difficult to work with. I handled my lips accordingly before applying, and it still looked pretty gross after only a couple of hours. Flaking and settling, all the things that we hate. It's really only noticable if someone is going to be right up in my grill, so of course I'll still wear it. 

I think a lot of people were unsure of what Summer Opal was supposed to be. "Pressed Powder" can read a lot of ways. Is it a bronzer? A blush? A highlighter? I like it as a highlighter myself, but when built up, it's a bit more peach. It would work as a bit of colour, too. I really wanted to have it. I can't explain this, but I was super compelled to order it. I love it. 

Did you get anything from the collection - maybe the amazing Lavender Jade? 

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