12 November 2011


I'm not at school and don't currently have my camera, but I had a ton of mail when I came to visit my mum.. so I have nice, new things. :) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm and the Kat Von D Angeles palette.

Proper pictures will be coming, but I did my hair today and felt pretty.. so, yeah!

eta: I have used Stockholm all day, and I am IN LOVE with the product and colour, but I wish I had chosen something brighter. Stockholm almost matches my natural lip colour exactly. It's my perfect nude and it looks great, but it's not really a "colour" to me. Sometimes through the day I felt like the point of lipstick and lip gloss is to have a pretty colour visible. Oh, well. I wish I could find them in a store somewhere so I don't have to pay more for shipping than I pay for the actual thing. 

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