02 October 2018

September Empties

I've been trying to work on my panning game, but it seems it's just other stuff that's been emptying on me lately.. 

Ole Henriksen Face the Truth Gel Cleanser - I can't seem to find this in a "full" size, which I would expect to be somewhere around 150mL. I bought it in a set with Truth Serum and a moisturizer last year, but I really enjoyed the cleanser. I would buy it again, but it was pretty small, approximately 50-60mL, if I recall correctly. It smells like citrus. Gel cleansers are my favourite type. 

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, no.21 - mine was a sample size, but I so rarely use the same base product two days in a row, so it took me over a year to use it. I really liked it. At one point, I also used shade no.13. I find them both totally usable for my fair, neutral-to-yellow skin. The no.13 is quite fair and whitening, and no.21 is a bit more neutral. It has 42SPF and looks just like skin for me. 

CoverFX Illuminating Primer - illuminating primers are my thing! I would try this one again after I finish all the others one I'm trying to get through. It's a close contender for favourite, but I really love my Becca Backlight Priming Filter. 

Smashbox 24/HR Photo Finish Shadow Primer - I'll probably always buy this. This is my third one since 2014. It lasts me over a year, you don't need much for a day's application. 

Urban Decay/Gwen Stefani Blush Palette (Highlight shade Angel) - The first highlight I have ever panned. I worked on it daily for a while. I don't really find it glittery/shimmery enough for my tastes, it's better for someone who likes a subtle highlight. I'm preserving Hush because I love it and I can't find a good dupe. I thought Becca Rose Gold would be similar, but it's too orange. I'll work on Easy and Lo-Fi next. 

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