05 April 2012

Skin So Soft Satin Glow

I'm a white girl. Like, I'm so pale that people sometimes comment about how I don't look well. Sorry, that's just my face.

Anyways, I'm not one for going tanning. I love the summer and I love going outside and especially laying on the beach, but nothing happens to me. I am red for the day/night that I'm outside, and then I'm white again the following morning. I can't burn or tan. The only hope I have for any colour is self-tanners.

I started using Skin So Soft in high school, maybe around grade ten. I used to just use it for the spring/summer when people would be seeing my legs. I decided I liked it just as a lotion/moisturizer and the "gradual glow" was just a perk. I have used it year round for the past 3-4 years, and I've gone through a few bottles of it. I realized I should get some more because my last bottle was getting low. I already had to go through the trouble of figuring out which foundation replaced Avon's old Smooth Minerals liquid foundation, and.. you guessed it.. I had to do the same with Skin So Soft. SSS has been around for a long time, but they are always changing their formulas and bottles and scents and whatever. The new bottle looks completely different, contains less product, is not the same formula at all, yet has the same name.

left: old bottle/formula, circa 2008.
  • thick cream/lotion
  • dries/absorbs quickly
  • light and pleasant scent (not the tanner scent that many people, myself included, aren't too fond of)
  • leaves my legs so smooth and soft (jojoba seed oil!)
  • does its job in every other area described on the bottle
  • sometimes leaves streaks; be sure to apply evenly and allow to dry completely
  • also available for Medium/Dark skin tones

Here's the new one, pictured on the right up there.

  • added a fourth purpose/benefit of minimizing the appearance of hair
  • formula looks and feels completely different; watery/runny, clear gel (comes out quickly and can be messy, and packaging is the same for both bottles)
  • dries/absorbs quickly
  • stronger scent
  • different ingredients
I am going to have to use it more often and see how it goes. 

Isn't it just so sad when your favourite products get made over and completely changed?

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