25 September 2011

Brisk Blue

I only get to paint my nails really once a week. I used to be obsessed with polishes and I do have a huge collection back at home.. except my job doesn't allow polish. I wore it to work the first week and simply received a slap on the wrist and a warning, but the next time, they made me go and buy remover and remove my polish and come back to finish working. Kind of ridiculous for a coffee shop, but that rule is absolutely serious business. I try to paint my nails Monday and remove it by Friday night; I get the best of both worlds.

Anyways, recently I've decided I'm really in love with blue. I don't wear blue, I don't even normally like blue.. but for some reason, blue nails have won my heart over. I'm really picky with colours, though. I won't just wear any blue. I went out looking for one to buy, but nothing was THE colour I was imagining. I borrowed this Sally Hansen polish in Brisk Blue from a friend and it satisfied my craving for the week. 

I think it chipped the second or third day, but I didn't use any base or top coat at all. It actually does dry fast and I used two coats. I don't know, it's not bad or amazing.. simply average. I'm glad I borrowed it and didn't buy it myself.

Here are the polishes I brought with me (and have bought since) to school.
L-R: Sally Hansen Crackle overcoat Fractured Foil, unnamed or since rubbed off LA colors (my favourite red), Avon Speed Dry Floraluscious, Mark Trend Mini nail lacquer Mode, Revlon Craving Coral, Revlon Top Speed Guava.

L-R: another unnamed LA colours polish, Sally Hansen Salon Maniure Shell We Dance?, Avon Nailwear Pro Venus, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, Sally Hansen Brisk Blue, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nude.

I don't have a ton of places to shop and buy the expensive, brand name polishes that a lot of bloggers use.. I have a hard enough time finding OPI. On my nail wishlist right now:

All I want for Christmas.. 

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